TechKnowledge Computer repair

30 day guarantee on all labor done in store.

Max labor charge for in store repairs is $150.

Tech Rescue

A Tech Rescue is needed if your computer is running slowly, receiving popups, displaying error messages or has viruses. No chance of data loss.

OS Reinstall

A reinstall is required if your computer will start only partially, or fails within a short time after starting. There are two available methods to reinstall your computers operating system (Windows or macOS). A full reinstall will include restoring files and software programs once we are finished. A basic reinstall will not restore any files.

Remote Helpdesk

For minor issues we can remotely control your Windows computer to help you.


If you need help at your location we can assist. Install a router, wireless printer or the many requests that simply require someone at your location.
Mileage is $1 per mile, with a $20 minimum.

Data Recovery

A data recovery is recovering files from a non-working computer, external hard drive or miscellaneous device. $50 of the total is required up front, and is the only fee if data is not recoverable.


Part Replacement

Broke screen, bad keyboard loose power connector. We can replace any part.


A diagnostics is needed if your computer starts to a blank screen or nothing happens when the power button is pressed. This service is used to determine the failing part. Computers that require a full disassembly are $25 additional.